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The Accounting Department of the Franklin County Auditor's Office provides financial, accounting, auditing, payroll and accounts payable services for County departments and agencies. We prepare the County's Annual Report, Preliminary Budget, and facilitate the State Auditor's Office audit each year. The Accounting Department also helps administrate the County's Veteran's Assistance Program.


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2016 Preliminary Budget - Misc Funds 434 KB
2016 Preliminary Budget - Current Expense Fund 367 KB
2015 Approved Current Expense Budget 1.5 MB
2015 Approved Miscellaneous Funds Budget 1.8 MB
2015 Approved Franklin County Agency Funds Budget 5 MB
2014 Single Audit Report from State Auditor's Office 2.9 MB
2014 Approved Current Expense Budget 1.4 MB
2014 Approved Miscellaneous Funds Budget 1.8MB
2013 Franklin County Financial & Single Audit Report 4.1 MB
2013 Franklin County Adopted Budget 2.5 MB
2012 Franklin County Accountability Audit Report 257 KB
2012 Franklin County Single Audit Report 7 MB
2011 Franklin County Accountability Audit Report 351 KB
2011 Franklin County Financial & Single Audit Report 1.2 MB
2012 Current Expense Fund Budget1.4 MB
2012 Franklin County Miscellaneous Funds Budget1.7 MB
2012 Franklin County Agency Funds Budget422 KB
2010 Franklin County Financial & Single Audit Report1.3 MB
2009 Franklin County Accountability Audit Report221 KB
2009 Franklin County Financial and Single Audit Report1.2 MB
2008 Franklin County Audited Financial Statements5 MB
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Thomas C. Westerman
Director of Finance


Phone:  509-545-3502 option 5