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QuestionHow do I "quash" a warrant?

You may appear on any Wednesday morning, at 8:30 am at the Franklin County District Court window to quash an outstanding warrant. You will be required to produce a photo I.D.

Your case will then be brought before the Judge. This is a one-time option per case.

QuestionWhat happens if the judge doesn't "quash" my warrant?

You will be taken into custody for processing and to have the warrant served. Then you will be brought before the Court to address the outstanding matter, or you may post the bail on the case and you will be given a court date.

QuestionWhat if I cannot appear on the warrant docket on Wednesday?

You may post the bail on your case with either cash or a bail bond. Please call the Franklin County District Court office (509) 545-3593 and inquire as to how much the bail is on your case, and then post the appropriate amount. A court date will be set after the bail is posted.