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The Franklin County Corrections Center, (“County”), on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office, is soliciting competitive proposals from qualified firms, (“Vendor”), to provide high quality, cost-effective, and efficient kitchen and commissary services for offenders held in the Franklin County Jail, located at 1016 North 4th Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301.

Attached is the Request for Proposal (RFP) for your review and consideration. The anticipated timelines for this RFP are outlined on page 11 of the RFP. If you have any questions pertaining to this RFP, please feel free to contact me (Stephen Sultemeier) through this email ( ssultemeier@co.franklin.wa.us ).


Stephen Sultemeier, Commander

Franklin County Corrections Center
1016 North 4th Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301

Please see questions below
RFP Document Download
PDF FileKitchen and Commissary Services - PDF document
PDF FileExhibit C - Franklin County Access Request form - PDF document

Again, Franklin County appreciates your interest and we hope to provide as much clarification as possible when requested. Below are a few more questions asked and now answered if possible.

1. Question- Section B: Qualifications: Will vendors be allowed to submit proposals if they do not meet the required minimum in state references?
Response- We are realizing that our expectations on references within Washington State might be too high for both Commissary and kitchen combined. We will look at all proposals received as it relates to these expectations in order to confirm if we were too high or not prior to ruling any proposal out. If none or only one Vendor qualifies, we will have to look at this closer and possibly lower these expectations.

2. Question- What is the inmate’s current weekly spending limit?
Response- The offenders currently do not have a spending limit.

3. Question- Who is the current JMS provider?
Response- Intergraph.

4. Question- Can orders be pulled from another correctional facility (with possible inmate labor) or does the warehouse have to be a separate offsite stand-alone facility with no inmate labor involved?
Response- The preference would be no offender labor involved, but this alone would not deny/rule out a proposal received.

5. Question- Will the vendor be on the County’s network or will they have to install their own?
Response- We would prefer the Vendor run new lines and have a stand-alone network that connects to our current Pod Kiosks.

6. Question- Does the booking kiosk in the booking area for offenders need to accept credit cards or just cash?
Response- Both would be preferred.

7. Question- How many years is the initial contract term?
Response- We are hoping for a very long and prosperous rapport. Contracts usually run during the terms of the appointed Sheriff. Since the current Sheriff is heading into his forth (4) year, and he is looking to run two more terms, we are currently looking at one (1) year, and then four (4) and (4) again.

8. Question- Will the County consider awarding the kitchen and commissary to separate vendors?
Response- Not interested during this RFP.

9. Question- Can vendors bid on just one service?
Response- Not interested during this RFP.

10. Question- Would the County prefer a higher commission or a lower priced menu?
Response- Lower to mid-range priced menu.

11. Question- Is menu pricing scored? We don’t see points awarded for pricing.
Response- It is not scored, but will be looked at and considered.

12. Question- Do the sales number provided include phone time? If so, how much of those sales are phone time?
Response- Phone call sales are not a part of numbers provided. Phones are through a separate Vendor.

13. Question- How should the Vendor designate confidential information so it will not be divulged to the public?
Response- Per Revised Codes of Washington and Public Records Access, the Vendor information will be accessible to the public.

14. Question- Will the County allow the vendor to be on their network while installing hardware and software?
Response- Yes, limited access while installing hardware and software.

15. Questions- Is there onsite space for the vendor to pull orders onsite and is the County accepting onsite bids?
a. If yes, what is the size and dimensions and is there a cost?
b. If no, is there space available the commissary vendor to use for commissary functions (sorting, storage, office, etc.)?
Response- No to both questions.

16. Question- Are there currently ovens in the kitchen?
Response- No

17. Question- If the Vendor is to provide ovens, would they need to be gas or electric to work in your kitchen?
Response- Gas would be preferred.

18. Question- What time will the November 21 facility tour occur?
Response- 2:30 pm

19. Question- The RFP does not state the time for the facility tour on November 21st
Response- The timeline for the facility tour was left open with the hopes of getting the most possible vendors to attend. We are leaning towards the early afternoon, if possible, due to anticipated travel and winter issues. We will notify all when the time is locked in.

20. Question- Also the RFP states we need to fill out Exhibit C for the Security Clearance prior to the walk through but there is no Exhibit C in the RFP. It ends at Exhibit A – the commissary product list. If you can forward Exhibit C that would be great – I’ll get it right back in for myself and our District Manager to attend. Also – is there an Exhibit B that is missing as well?
Response- I apologize for the Exhibit confusion. There is no Exhibit B. C is attached. We will also need a copy of driver’s licenses for those wanting clearance to attend.

21. Question- I’m going through the RFP and see it says that a sample contract agreement is attached that we need to note any exception to. I’d like to forward this to our Legal Department but it is not attached to the RFP. Can you provide?
Response- We apologize for this language error in our RFP; there is no sample contract agreement to attach. We have not contracted with kitchen services in the past and do not have an example to go off of. This language is an error on my part. It was part of a cut and paste that should have been removed. This was my first attempt at an RFP relating to Kitchen and Commissary. Hopefully what is written will not have too many more errors or limit those Vendors I have contacted from submitting a proposal to review and consider.

22. Question- What meal pattern do you prefer – three hot meals or a cold breakfast and two hot meals, or a cold dinner and two hot meals? Please advise the preference you’d like to see bids based on?
Response- Cold breakfast and two hot meals.

23. Question- How many staff meals are served daily?
Response- Approximately eighteen (18).

24. Question- How many sacks meals are served daily?
Response- Approximately 10 daily with the exception to the possible cold breakfast all sack meals…average population being 195.

25. Question- How many special diets are served each day – medical and religious?
Response- Approximately 45.

26. Question- Does the County pay for smallwares?
Response- Yes

27. Question- Does the County pay for chemicals?
Response- Yes

28. Question- Does the County pay for Equipment Maintenance and Repairs?
Response- Yes

29. Does the County pay for Equipment Replacement?
Response- All equipment supplied by the county will be replaced by the county.

30. Question- Will the current food service staff be offered other County positions or do you want the Food Service Contractor to consider them for positions?
Response- The current food service staff can submit an application for employment consideration through the new Food Service Contractor. They must successfully complete their background check and any new Food Service Contractor requirements.

31. Question- What is your expectation regarding Commissary commission/annual revenue from commissary?
Response- We would expect to exceed current revenues due to ease of product access (on-line and Kiosks), increase in volume of product availability, and support from a combined cost effective and efficient Food Service Program

32. Question- Can you provide a breakdown of commissary sales – how much are sales from regular commissary sales vs. how much are sales from online orders/gift bags/friends and family ordering?
Response- We currently do not offer any on-line sales. All sales are from in-house offenders only.

33. Question- The RFP states a page limit of 40 pages for proposals. Are menus, financial statements, resumes, and commissary pricing lists excluded from that 40 page limit?
Response- Menus and commissary pricing lists can be excluded from the 40 pages.

34. Question- Is the bidding Vendor required to have a Washington State warehouse to provide timely services to the County and, is the warehouse required to have security measures in place to prevent the introduction of contraband, i.e. receiving, packaging and shipping areas under video surveillance.
Response- Having a Washington State warehouse along with the stipulated security system is not required, but it is preferred. The will be considered during the review of the submitted proposals.

35. Question- Our financial states are approximately 125 pages in length. Can we include the financial statement on a USB drive or can this be excluded from the 40 page limit?
Response- This question was asked and answered on November 15th. However, we are obviously learning as we go on this RFP, and this is the second request to exclude the financial statement from the 40 page limit. Due to the size of the financial statements required for the RFP, we will exclude them from the 40 page limit along with the menus and commissary pricing lists. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused; and, at the same time we hope this helps all involved.

36. Question- Is the 40 page count for single or double sided?
Response- Double sided.

37. Question- Who provides the in pod kiosks?
Response- The County provides the kiosks. This is stated in the RFP.

38. Question- What is the commissary spending limit?
Response- This was already asked and answered. Current there is no spending limit. This will be discussed and agreed upon with the selected Vendor.

39. Question- How many indigent inmates do you have?
Response- Average 50

40. Question- How many calories are currently being served on your menu?
Response- Currently this varies from offender workers to non-workers. There are about 20 workers on average, and their average calorie intake is at 2,200 per day. Non-worker calorie average is 1,800 to 2,000 per day.

41. Question- Is the County open to a soy menu or do you prefer NO soy?
Response- We would want a balanced menu. How that becomes balanced can be negotiated in the contract. Currently we do not use much soy.

42. Question- Is phone time/cards currently sold through commissary?
Response- Already asked and answered. Phone cards are sold through our phone Vendor.

43. Question- Does the county provide extra sack meals for court, transport, etc.?
Response- These meals do occur but would be calculated in the same count with offender population, not as an extra meal on top of a regular meal.

44. Question- Should proposers include the cost of small wares in price per meal?
Response- No.

45. Question- Is the County open to a sliding scale for the price per meal?
Response- No.

46. Question- Who is responsible for paying utilities and maintenance?
Response- Already asked and answered. County would pay.

47. Question- Does the County offer an ecommerce website today for friends and family to order gift packages?
Response- No.

48. Question- How many staff members deliver commissary today?
Response- Four part-time employees

49. Question- Are the commission pricing and menu to be included in a separate sealed envelope?
Response- All in one envelope please!

50. Question- continued from question #49- Do they count toward the 40 page limit?

51. Question- How is the juice served today? Packets or in a jug/from a container?
Response- Currently delivered in a pitcher and the offender serving meals pours it into a cup. A packet seams more efficient.

52. Question- Can divider pages also be considered exempt from the page count?
Response- Dividers are exempt from the 40 page limit.

53. Question- Wanted to clarify that you want 2 commissary proposals - 1 with NO inpod kiosks (because we will utilize the current kiosks installed today) and 1 WITH in pod kiosks for the future should the current vendor be removed?
Response- We are only requesting one (1) proposal. If in the future we change our phone vendor (Kiosks), we will request the new vendor install new kiosks with access to current commissary software.

54. Question- further clarification about kiosks and who is supplying.
Response- The County is supplying all kiosks in the Pods. The Vendor is supplying kiosk machines for public access deposits and a booking kiosk for depositing funds during the time when the offender is being booked.

55. Question- Change in staff meals.
Response- Free staff meals are removed per the Sheriff. If staff want to purchase a meal, this would be allowed.

56. Question- This was answered already, but it was asked again during the walk-through, so here it is again- Is the 40 page count for single or double sided?
Response- Double sided

Again, thank you for your time considering our request.


Stephen Sultemeier, Commander

We appreciate all of your time and consideration to our request, and look forward to your responses.