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What is household hazardous waste?
Household hazardous waste are dangerous chemical products from the home. Product labels with DANGER, POISON, and WARNING or CAUTION indicate a chemical is hazardous to your health and should be used according to the manufacturer’s directions. Many of these products should be disposed of properly.

Artículos que se Aceptan
Pintura (a base de aceite o agua)
Químicos para conservar madera y tinturas
Pegamentos o goma de pegar
Químicos para limpieza
Fluidos de transmisión o de frenos
Aceite de motor
Cilindros de propano
Botes de aerosol
Químicos para piscinas

Household Hazardous Waste Products cannot be placed in the trash. They must be disposed of properly at the Franklin County Collection Facility. Improper storage and disposal of household hazardous waste can be a health hazard to people, pets and the environment. FREE DISPOSAL for Franklin County Residents only (limit 5 gallons per household). This is a public service offered by Franklin County and Basin Disposal, Inc.

Nota especial:
No se aceptan explosivos, asbesto, y desperdicios comerciales.

Facilidad para la Colección de Desperdicios Domésticos Peligrosos
1721 Dietrich Road in Pasco
(Entre Basin Recycling y BDI Transfer)
Ph: (509) 547-2088
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