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Every election, be it a special election for cities or schools, a primary for the nominating process or a general election for President, Franklin County uses the services of election workers to help make the election process run smoothly. Below are some questions and answers about what it takes to be an election worker and the duties involved.

What? When? & Where?
Board Worker - This is a work force of usually 20 to 24 people depending on the size of the election and level of voter participation. Board workers open mail ballots after signatures have been verified. They check for write-in candidates and torn or damaged ballots. They make sure the ballots are placed in the correct precincts. Work begins with a large opening on the Friday prior to the Election and continues intermittently up to 15-21 days after an election. In most cases they work 5 hours a day but can be required to work evening and weekends. All work is performed at the Franklin County Election Center located at 116 N 3rd Ave in Pasco.

How Much?
Current pay is minimum wage.

What Training is Needed?
Election board workers are required by law to attend an instruction class. Training classes are given the Friday before every election and last about 1 hour. Attendees are compensated for attending the class.

Who is eligible?
An applicant must be registered to vote and:
- Be able to communicate in English;
- Have good handwriting or printing;
- Eyesight and hearing must be correctable to normal ranges;
- have transportation to and from the annex and training classes;


If you are interested in working, please contact the Franklin County Elections Department at (509) 545-3538, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.